> > What does 'algunas' mean?

What does 'algunas' mean?

If it helps here it is in a sentence: Algunas fiestas se celebran e...


What does 'algunas' mean?

If it helps here it is in a Algunas fiestas se celebran en la case de la familia.
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"algunas" is formed with "algun+a+s" where the "a" is the feminine and the "s" is plural.
Algun means "some": algun some country, algun some friend so algunas means some for femininine some parties.
party, Fiesta is feminine in spanish, so you need a feminine version of algun.
and the sentence some parties are celebrated in the house (casa not case!) of the family well, in this context, fiesta can also be a "celebration" or "holiday", not only a party so it means "some unspecified ones"

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