O! M! O! C! Y! can you add a relative clause to these sentences...



Y! can you add a relative clause to these sentences WHERE,WHO,WHOSE,WHICH
1. My teacher told me to try my best.
2. The boy ran down the street.
3. I saw the dog.
4."Don't cry",said the girl.
5. The athlete won the race.
6. She lived in small house.
7. The girl clambered over the rocks.
8. The wind battered the ships on the coastline.
9. The island was a haven of peace.
10. I live in Birmingham.
11. Great Britain is a small island.
12 The sofa was extremely comfortable.
Prosze o pomoc to pilne na jutro!!!!


yes because most of the answers have a who in it now just figure out the scentences that have more than that

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