Just why does life exist? I mean like we are all here and then we ...



Just why does life exist?
I mean like we are all here and then we can blame it on "god" but really, seriously are we just an experiment?
Were we left in the dust by another human race?
Really, why?


that's for me to know .
.and you to find out Life is the thing that makes you see and feel and hear and smell and breathe and touch and sense and look.
God did make us, but he only made 2 Adam and Eve.
Adam came first and got lonely with all the animals.
God decided to make another human called Eve.
He took a rib and some flesh from Adam and gave Eve life.
That's why woman are called woman because God took a bone from the womb and gave it to eve.
They repopulated and made the earth, soon everyone else started to repopulate and that's how earth was created.
All of us are brothers and sisters, but it doesn't technically mean we're fully related if we don't know each other and if we have different last names and all of that.
I'm explaining this to you so you know what life is all about.
It's hard to explain.
I, too, get scared and think "What am I? Why am I in this body? Why couldn't I have been someone else?" but you know, the answer is just in your heart.
You have to listen to what your body and mind tells you and follow through to what it's saying.
People had different last names throughout the world because they change them legally.
We don't blame, we ask, we pray and ask god, "Why am I here?" and soon if you've been good, not by talking, God will tell you why in your heart.
We're not an experiment, we haven't came from dust, we're humans and we're a highly uniquely look from all of the other separate humans in the world and special for our own ways.
We look different so everyone can tell us apart.
White people became blacks in the desert due to heat.
The ray burnt their skin and made it look like deep charcoal.
Some people repopulate with blacks and made dark browns, or probably browns.
Then so on.
You never know what happens in the world.
As a 10 year old, I find life as a dream.
You're sleeping as an angel, and when you've been really bad, it changes, your soul that you're sleeping in throws you down to hell, and probably back to heaven if you've been good and have admit your sins.
Then when you pass away, you wake up in whatever place God chose you to be in.
I also find life hard and easy.
When you have work and you're gonna divorce your girlfriend and she's gonna sue you for everything and your family hates you and the people at work barely give you money, that makes it hard.
Sometimes I sit down and think what life is all about.
Life is not just a word, it is an amazing experience that happens once, and if you give it away with suicide, you spoiled the whole thing.
You probably will go to hell because god gave you this life not to throw it away, but to experience it.
I find life sometimes easy when I'm a child, and I fulfill it.
I'm grateful for everything.
I hope this helped you.
Took quite a while.
I type fast though :p

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