> > Please check my answers!!

Please check my answers!!

Which textile technique do quilters use to craft blankets? A. Weav...


Please check my answers!!

Which textile technique do quilters use to craft blankets?
A. Weaving B. Knitting (I think it's
B) C. Stitchery D. Cross-Stitching Native American weavers often depicted abstract patterns that represented which of the following?
A. Friendship B. Discovery C. Power D. Nature (I think it's D) How did plastic revolutionize the art of furniture design?
A. Designers could create works that were soft and colorful B. Designers could create works that were sturdy and moldable (I think it's
B) C. Designers could create works that were patterned and sturdy D. Designers could create works that were firm and colorful A furniture designer creates a table with a circular design that shows up on all four corners.
This artist has used which element of art in his work?
A. Asymmetry B. Repetition C. Color D. Transformation Illuminated letters were most often used to illustrate which type of text?
A. Mythical texts B. Medical texts (I think it's B?) C. Scholarly texts D. Religious texts Rather that illustrate exactly what is written, which of the following did Maurice Sendak recommend?
A. Create drawings that help the reader understand the text (I believe it's
A) B. Create drawings that are objective and unbiased C. Create drawings that are always in the same style D. Create drawings that reveal the next stages in the story Illuminated letters sent a visual message that communicated the content of the text.
Which portion of the fifteenth-century population benefited most from illuminated letters?
A. The wealthy B. The monks C. The scholars D. The illiterate (I think it's D) Nineteenth-century sculptor Cordier also created busts of other African men and women in addition to African Venus.
Which of the following was most likely his source of inspiration ?
A. Interest in the African form B. Promoting the importance of slavery C. Promoting human justice (I believe it's
C) D. Interest in using bronze to sculpt Why were artists such as Alfred Jacob Miller and Jean-Francois Millet motivated to paint normal everyday events?
A. To vent about frustrating events B. To show off their illustration techniques C. To celebrate the beauty of simplicity (I am pretty sure it's C, but I still don't know) D. To express irritation with simplicity How did many twentieth-century artists respond to the extravagant furniture designs popular in the sixteenth-nineteenth centuries?
A. By designing country-inspired pieces B. By designing extravagant, detailed pieces (I think it's
B) C. By designing asymmetrical, detailed pieces D. By designing simple, clean pieces If you would be so kind and tell me if I got it right, I would really appreciate it!


they are all correct

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