> > 1. An interior designer creates a plan for a baby nursery.

1. An interior designer creates a plan for a baby nursery.

Why does he decide to use light blue as a main part of the color sc...


1. An interior designer creates a plan for a baby nursery.

Why does he decide to use light blue as a main part of the color scheme?
A. Light blue encourages infant brain development B. Light blue is the most popular color for nurseries C. Light blue will encourages the baby to look up at the sky D. Light blue is thought to be calming
2. An interior designer hopes to create a restaurant with a garden theme.
What would be the best choice of lighting to create the feel of the outdoors?
A. Place cozy lamps at each table.
B. Place fluorescent lights above each set of tables.
C. Place windows to let in plenty of natural light.
D. Place candles at each table for a soft glow.
3. An interior designer creates a children's space that includes a wall mural of a plane, hot air balloon lamp fixtures, and various decorative plane toys.
She uses the world flight to describe which aspects of a room A. the layout B. the theme C. the designer's childhood fantasy D. the color scheme 4.block prints were often made using wood.
what type of material do artists regularly use today?
A. Clay B. Paper C. Copper D. Inloleum
5. How does an artist create fine lines in an etching?
A. Drawing them with a pencil B. Soaking a craving in an acid bath C. Rearranging the movable type D. Using a brayer and ink
6. What effect did Gutenberg's printing press most directly have on the general population of Europe?
A. Literacy increased B. Literacy decreased C. Income increased D. Mortality rates decreased
7. A photographer often places the main subject in which traditional location of the composition?
A. The rear B. The bottom C. The center D. The edge
8. What technique would most effectively be used for adding an unusual touch to the photograph A. Placing the subject in the center B. Taking the photo from a different angle.
C. Staging the photograph D. Taking a spontaneous photograph
9. A graphic designer creates an ad for a new cereal that includes images of a cuddly cartoon tiger.
which population is most likely the target audience A. Elderly adults B. Teenagers C. Infants D. Elementary children
10. Which of the following is an important principle of advertising stated in this lesson?
A. Target emotions B. Choose an excellent product C. Work independently D. Share multiple messages My answers
1. A.
2. C.
3. B.
4. A.
5. A.
6. A.
7. C.
8. D.
9. D.


D C B A A A C B D A These are the answers I came up with.
1 is defiantly D though Blue has a Calming Effect

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